First and foremost, a very special thanks to brothers Kevin and Nathan Gilbert of Country Morning Farms for providing fresh quality milk and for the use of their WSDA inspected and HACCP certified production floor; Greg Parker of Iron Horse Brewery for superior craft beers, a value-added mind set, and tenacious business capacity; Roy Savoian and the members of the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I4IE); the man who taught me how to make cheese, Brad Sinko of Face Rock Creamery in Bandon, OR (formerly of Beecher's Handmade Cheese); Michele Bucklin of Bank of the West; Adam Pugh of Nike for business analysis and tee times; local artists Austin Smith, Linda Lundy, and Ari Delania; photographers Emily Deans and Annie Cooper; Nicole Klauss of the Ellensburg Daily Record; Carolyn Honeycutt of the Ellensburg Downtown Association; our Upper County family-friends; assistant cheese makers Gary Hages, Aaron Langdon, Cande Lino, Myles Lundy, Neal Lyons, David Ruthstrom and Bob Blume; the folks at Roslyn Farmers Market; family members: Matt and Mary Zauhar and Walt and Betty Hages for exemplifying a healthy longevity and putting me through college, Jack and Denyse (Zauhar) Gladson, Walt and Nicole (Gladson) Kennedy, Addy and Avery Kennedy, and Erin (Gladson) Pugh for being a generous part of my life, Terry and Marilyn (Zauhar) Walderhaug for sincere encouragement, the Stan and Carla Hages Family for supporting me since I was born, my dad and mom Gary and Norine (Zauhar) Hages for a lifetime of moral, emotional, and monetary support; the Cooper and Porter families of Des Moines, Iowa, my home away from home; Annie Cooper, my sweetheart and youthful mother to our daughter, thanks for putting up with me and supporting me in all the ways you know how; Ferne Hages, my daughter, the ultimate teacher and tester of patience that I don't have; my brother Brent Hages, Oboe Virtuoso, for being an inspiring success; last but not least, my friends, you make life sweet. If I have forgotten anyone, which I'm sure I have, please know how thankful I am for you!

Look for Country Morning Farms' products in the Spokane, Seattle, and Portland area markets. Theirs is a true family business.

Blain Hages, Head Cheesemaker